Hanna Juli Rix (transFORMat) is a recycling artist living and working in Berlin, Germany. She comes from a craftsmanship background with a Masters in Furniture Making and Diploma in Interior Design/Architecture. Having first worked in those fields she then combined her wide range of skills to build up installations and stages on (mostly) outdoor music events internationally.

She works with natural and recycled material – timber, old furniture, fabric, leather, metal, fibre, etc. Her projects are a transformational and organic process, beginning with finding the raw, used material to work with. The materials then go through a deconstructing, cleaning and organizing process to in the end be put together in such a way that they take on a new meaning.

A fundamental topic of her art is to re‐value things others throw out, as well as creating in a more sustainable and eco friendly way. There’s a big love for details that is recognizable in Hanna’s art. Through a lot of handcrafted work her projects imitate the complexity of nature, thus bringing dead matter to life.

Room psychology is another important theme for Hanna. She believes the artist has a responsibility as art provides the viewer a direction and opens up people’s minds. It can influence their emotions, beliefs, movements and actions. In festival settings she considers this to be especially true where music and dancing is the central focus and people are open to one another and their surrounding.

In the last 8 years Hanna Rix has been actively involved with the former Bar25 crew as well as Bachstelzen and Kater Holzig decorating parties in and around Berlin (i.e. Fusion Festival – Germany, Garbicz – Poland, Shoeless – Amsterdam). She has also been invited to work on festivals in Australia and New Zealand (Rainbow Serpent – Melbourne, Subsonic Music Festival – Sydney, Let Them Eat Cake – Melbourne, End of the Line – Auckland).